Tiny House Meet Ups

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Tiny House Meet Ups

You know, as Lisa and I became more and more immersed in the Tiny House community, back in mid 2015, we decided that we really wanted to establish a more personal side to “Tiny Houses Australia”.

We knew that the whole concept of a Tiny House made sense to us, but we also saw that when we each mentioned it to others, we would get strange looks and comments like “what on earth would you want to do something like that for ?”

We stuck to our guns, but we know that naysayers can often be the thing that prevents people from chasing their dreams and thinking outside the box.


So we wanted to provide a space and a place where people could connect, NOT online or via technology, but in real life, face to face. You know, in a place where you could shake someone’s hand and connect with real people, a place where you could smell the coffee, and have the freedom to have a drink, or a feed and share stories, ideas and plans with others , and be safe in the knowledge that they won’t think that you are crazy…

So our Monthly Meet Ups were born. We knew that if they were going to happen, we had to keep ourselves accountable, so we decided to run them in Melbourne (initially) on the first Sunday morning of each Calendar Month.

So we have been running these meet ups every month since late 2015 with great success. We have met many wonderful people, shared great ideas, and have shared great food / coffee and times with other like minded people.

If YOU would like to come along to our monthly meet ups here in Melbourne, then make sure you keep tabs on the events calendar over on Facebook (which can be found here ) OR the Events Calendar on this site (which can be accessed from the menu above or here )