Tiny Houses Australia EVENTS !

Meet-Ups, "Live" Streams, Info Sessions, Workshops, Camps, Working Bees and more ...


Back in mid 2015, we decided that we really wanted to provide an opportunity where Tiny House enthusiasts could connect, in real life, face to face. A place where you could shake someone’s hand, have a coffee, drink or a bite to eat & share stories, ideas & plans with others whilst knowing they won’t think you’re crazy.

So we’ve been running our meet ups every month since, with great success. Starting in Melbourne, we are now also offering meet ups in both South East Queensland & Sydney.

We’ve met wonderful people, shared great ideas & developed friendships with many like minded people. If YOU would like to come along to our monthly meet ups, then make sure you check our our Events Calendar over on our Facebook Page.


Although we love running our Face to Face meet ups,  not everyone can get there to those locations on those particular days / times. Because of this, we have started “LIVE” Streaming some sessions with us.

Not only does this mean that ANYONE can join us from anywhere in the world, but it gives you the chance to get to know the REAL us. Plus, by having us “LIVE” on video right in front of you, you can can ask questions, comment on what we’re discussing & interact with us in real time. It also enables us to have guests join us, so keep an eye out for our international interviews / hang out sessions with the movers, shakers & thought leaders in the Tiny House community worldwide.

To join one of our LiveStreams, make sure you check our our Events Calendar over on our Facebook Page.


Many people love the idea of building their own Tiny House but don’t know how or simply lack the confidence. So a couple of years ago we ran three “Tiny Houses Australia” workshops which were a great success.

We will be re-launching our ‘hands on’ practical workshops again in the coming months so stay tuned. We will be looking at what tools you need, tool safety, building a frame, how to put windows & doors in, a roof on & learning about Insulation, cladding, finishing & more. We have an exciting line up of insured, qualified & talented instructors that will your instructors and guides in these workshops, that will be announced in the coming months.

As always, dates / costs and other details of our workshops will be available on the Events Calendar over on our Facebook Page.


We love running our face to Face meet ups, but sometimes the time gets away from people & they don’t always get the chance to speak with everyone, to share their ideas ask their questions etc. So every year, we run a “Tiny Houses Australia” Spring Camp & this year will be no exception 🙂

Our camps are very casual. Bring your own camping gear / food etc as if you were going camping yourself. Yet you won’t be alone, you get to hang out with like minded souls & you have the time & space to really relax, sit round the fire, connect with others & talk your heads off about all things Tiny House related. These camps are a great way of meeting people & forming relationships & friendships that will last far beyond the camp itself.

As always, details of dates, locations, costs etc of our Tiny House Camps, will be detailed on our our Events Calendar over on our Facebook Page.