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Who we are and why we are here ...

Tiny Houses Australia

A Tiny Team, with a big dream. Our vision is to create a community where people can discover how “Going Tiny” can have a big impact on their lives.

Imagine having no mortgage, no personal debt, minimal stress, and financial freedom to do what you love and to spend time with those that mean the most to you. This is not just a pipe dream, it IS possible and people around Australia and all over the world are doing just that!

“T.H.A” is a place where people can discover, learn, be educated and inspired about how a simple life can actually be a happier and more rewarding life. The community began back in April 2013 at a time when there was very little information about Tiny Houses here in Australia.

It has since grown to become a leading online presence within the Tiny House community worldwide. With over 40,000 followers of our Facebook page, and almost 9,000 Aussies in our Facebook Group, this community has become a place where those interested in living a simpler, more sustainable way of life can connect with others who share the same ideals.

Tiny Houses Australia run a number of regular social events, including monthly meet ups, drinks and annual camps. We also runTiny House Building Skills Workshops and sell custom built trailers to help those wanting to build their own Tiny House on Wheels.

Darren Hughes - Founder of Tiny Houses Australia

Darren Hughes – Founder

I discovered Tiny Houses in early 2013 during a time when I was working out what life was really all about. I have done the corporate thing, I have run two businesses and chased what I thought was “success”. My life was focused on working, money, and how to grow my business. But then over the course of several years I came to realise that there had to be more to life than what I could see laid out ahead of me. My marriage had come to an end, I was over stressed, out of shape and not sleeping well. I began to realise that what really mattered was experiences, the relationships that I had with those that I cared about, and those ‘moments’ in life that you never quite forget.

So I began to downsize and simplify my life. I got rid of all the clutter in my life, the things I had accumulated over the years, removing all the ‘Stuff’ that really doesn’t matter, to make room for the things that do. This lead to my discovering Tiny Houses and the more I looked into them and read about them, the more they simply made sense.

Now a self confessed minimalist, my life is simpler, and happier, I have begun the next phase of my life and have met an amazing woman who has become my love, my best friend and business partner. We recently spent 12 months living in a 15 foot Vintage Caravan as an experiment in Tiny Living, to prove that we really could do it, and together we are planning big things (and possibly a tiny thing) in the form of TWO Tiny Houses and the further development of “Tiny Houses Australia”

Stay Tuned, it should be an interesting ride 🙂

P.S – My own Personal Build Page, can be found over on Facebook at Tiny House Destiny

Lisa Adams - Creative Director, Tiny Houses Australia

Lisa Adams – Creative Director

Like many others who stumbled across this notion of the Tiny House lifestyle, it was a light bulb moment.  I had been fumbling around for years in different job roles, studying various courses, whilst juggling single parenthood. The norms of society just weren’t working out for me, living on a shoestring budget trying to make ends meet, and wanting to escape the rent trap that I was in.  I had my own dreams and desires I so desperately wanted to pursue and fulfil, but with work, bills and rent, they were always kept on the back burner. As too was my health.  I’ve been living with Psoriatic Arthritis since age 18 trying to keep up with everyone else and now I have accepted that my body simply won’t allow me to work full-time.  This meant I would never have the opportunity to own my own home… until now.

My own personal build page can be found over on Facebook at My Tiny Dream

As soon as I had made the decision to build my Tiny House,  I searched Facebook, to see if there was such a community here in Australia. And what do you know, there was! Tiny Houses Australia was my first contact with like minded tiny house enthusiasts.  I knew if this was going to happen, I would need all the support and information I could find. Even though I have a degree in Fashion Design, and attended a ‘tech’ school, I had no prior knowledge or experience in building construction.  However, I knew my design skills would come in handy. I armed myself with books, watched countless Youtube channels and asked numerous questions in the group. I also attended a Tiny Houses Australia workshop.   And the rest is history…